It’s been a disappointing start to this trial, which often happens I guess. The official result since launch is only 4.95 points profit, an amount that can be won or lost in a day with this method, so it would be fair to say it’s been treading water for the last four weeks.

I’ve attempted using a different staking plan to see how that would work out plus I’ve been running the system in ‘auto’ mode on The Bet Engine, because Alistair (the developer of The Bet Engine) did an update to the software specifically so that we could use the filters required for this system.

What I have noticed is that often I’ve been getting different selections to the official results, and this seems to have happened with other bot users too. The explanation seems to be to do with the odds of the horses close to the off. Of course, they are moving all the time so if we are betting on horse in order of rank, this can change depending on when the bet is fired into the market. What this has meant is that often I’ll have a winning day when the official results produced a losing day, and vice versa.

This is compounded by the fact that I have used a 6% Liability staking plan, rather than level stakes, as we ran all the previous results through The Staking Machine and this particular staking plan came out on top.

Not over the last four weeks though. My £1000 paper bank has been reduced to  £460.23, so it’s not been the most profitable angle at the moment.

In retrospect I should have run a separate instance at level stakes to see how that compares to the official results, but one of the other bloggers, Guy, has been running the system himself, picking the selections manually by going through the race card each morning (only takes ten minutes) and using the Bet Engine to place bets. This is how he got on:

“From the analysis that I did, Bank Liability staking, given the strike rate, was the best way forward. So, I elected to use 5% Bank Liability staking with a 1K start bank.

Have run since 25th October using this staking plan.

Things were going GREAT guns – showing a very impressive net profit of £679 to the 5th November, then things took a massive dip – from the 6th – 11th November a loss of £435

Still, a profit of £244 in 17 days is pretty good!

Think progress is likely to peak & trough from what we have seen thus far.”