At the beginning of last week I told you about a couple of free systems being given away by a chap called Jim Martin.

What I didn’t mention at the time was that he had also given me a preview copy of his ‘Lay Bet Blueprint’ system.

This is a very simple laying system that takes a maximum of 10 minutes a day to operate (or a lot less), has limited liabilities, and staggering results. Since 2004 it’s longest losing run has been just 4, and it’s had several winning runs of 50+.

He told me in advance that he would be limiting sales to 400 to protect the Betfair market (and I believe him), so I insisted that I would only bring it to your attention on two conditions… 1) that I can have a go with it first and 2) that he offers an unconditional money back guarantee.

He agreed.

So since last Monday 8th, I’ve been running the system and am very pleased to report that it’s made 17.89 points, or £357.80 to £20 stakes after 5% Betfair commission is deducted.

You can get this system for a very reasonable one-off purchase price and for that you get 60 days free selections sent to you by e-mail AND a 60 day, unconditional, money back guarantee.

So why do you need to buy this?

well firstly, although I’ve only used it for ten days, and they may well have been particularly good days, it does give me confidence that the claims that Jim is making are true.

Secondly, with an unconditional money back guarantee, you can buy this, try it out for yourself for 60 days safe in the knowledge that if it doesn’t deliver, it won’t cost you anything. You can even paper trade it (I did, although I’m going live from today).

And finally, he’s only selling 400 copies and this is not a marketing ploy, so if you don’t get it now, you’re not going to be able to get it later.

I will continue to review this system for the next 50 days myself but it’s not going to be available anymore by the time I’ve finished so I really do recommend getting yourself a copy, even if you don’t want to use it until our review is finished. I suspect this is going to turn out to be a cracking little method and I’d hate for you to miss out on this so do yourself a favour and get this now, as it will be sold out very quickly indeed: