Day 3 Results:

14.30 Ludlow Wotchalike 3.35, finished 3rd = WIN
16.00 Ludlow High Calibre 4, finished 2nd = WIN
16.20 Wincanton Trade Off 4.2, finished 2nd = WIN
16.30 Ludlow Single Handed 6, lost = WIN
16.40 Ludlow News of the Day 4.4 lost = WIN
17.00 Ludlow Viscount Bankes 6, won = LOSE

I thought we were on for a whitewash today until Viscount Bankes delivered a surprise win, one thing to note is that he had steamed in before the off to odds of 4.9 so maybe that should be an early warning sign for us, watch the odds before betting. This may mean we lose some qualifiers, but worth considering for future selections. Anyway thats me for the day, I am taking the long weekend off so next update will be Tuesday.