Sorry for lack of results, there were no selections on Friday and I took a long weekend so only started again today:

18/4/2007 Results

Fast losing patience with this system due to a lack of consistency

14.20 Cheltenham Lester Leaps In 5.9 Lost = WIN
15.30 Cheltenham French Salvaire 6 Won = LOSE
15.55 Bev Free Offer 4.4 Lost = WIN
16.20 Newmarket Al Shemali 4.9 lost = WIN
16.30 Bev Chorristar 3 won = LOSE

So the win to loss ratio is 3:2 today, but look at the liabilities on the horses that won their races 6 and 3, meaning a loss for the day. Lets see if we can make up for it today.