Hi, Jon Wakefield back again after a successful testing period on the lay trader, it’s now onto the Lay Blueprint. With this guide we are looking to lay short priced horses outright. My immediate reaction to the guide is that is filled with too much of the basics on Betfair, almost half of the guide is taken up with telling me what I already know. Ok, brilliant, if you are completely new to Betfair, but not if you have been using it for a while. It left me feeling as if they were trying to pad the guide out to make it look like value for money. Anyway just a small grumble, onto the system. This is possibly one of the easiest to use systems I have come across, taking into account just 3 system criteria for a “successful lay.” The system has reported 12 out of 13 successful lays to date (since launch 4 days ago). The criteria means that you will never lay above odds of 6.0 so 12 out of 13 lays seems a good return on investment. I started my testing yesterday and was told there were two lays at certain grounds (just to wet my appetite!). I also found two but both were at Wetherby, Sa Nu in the 14.00 race at odds of 4.8 and Three Mirrors in the 15.40 at odds of 4.4. Three mirrors won it’s race and Sa Nu lost so 1-1 on results. However, when the official selections came in from yesterday there was another qualifier that had drifted in price by the time I had made my selections, so officially 2-1 in favour of the system. On to today, again another 2 selections:
15.40 Nottingham – Shape Up at 5.4, WON race
16.30 Lingfield – Takitwo 3.75, LOST race
3-2 to the system, but not enough to be profitable yet. Early indications show potential, I will be back tomorrow.