Today see’s the end of the test and, unfortunately, it wasn’t the end I’d hoped for.  After a good day bagging five winning bets early on, the last race ended with a losing bet.  The odds weren’t too bad, so limiting the damage done, but still a pain.

Final Totals:

Day 22 P/L = £6.10

Total P/L = £286.80

Bank = £1286.80

Well, it’s been a month since I started my test of this system and an interesting month it’s been.  Initially, I was a little sceptical of the system and indeed, the authors.  The way the system was written gave rise to concerns that the authors didn’t actually use the system and this is always a worry.  However, I’ve had some contact with them over the course of the month and they seem genuine and up-front and have since re-written the guide.

The system itself works around live markets, specifically drifters in the markets and requires you to be at a computer screen most of the day.  It is possible to work out the markets you may be involved in early morning, which I would advise as it helps structure the day a bit and can help get you breaks away from the screen.  The rules that come with Lay Formula help narrow down the selections and ensure that you’re not blindly laying drifters.  The filters seem fairly logical and certainly saved my bacon a few times as potential selections did go on to win their race in some cases.

As the results show, Lay Formula has proved to be profitable to level stakes of 1% of the bank (recalculated weekly) over the course of the month, however, there was a point I was £357 to the good and getting back to that point has proved a bit tricky with winners coming in and stealing the profit over the last few days.  Still, a 25% increase in the bank isn’t to be sniffed at, and if it did that monthly, I’d be more than happy!  The system does come with a staking plan based on recovering part of the losses, and while I’m not a fan of  loss recovery when laying , the staking plan is not aggressive and would, in my opinion, increase profits dramatically.

I can’t really recommend Lay Formula for those who only bet at weekends as there is often too much racing, especially on Saturdays, and there’s really no way you could do every race without a small dedicated army of helpers and a large pack of paracetamol.  Having said that, the Lay Formula team have recently joined forces with LayBot (link on the left menu) and now offer to upload selections to a bot that will place the bets on your behalf.  I can’t really comment more as I’ve not tested this but may well do so in the new year – watch this space!  I also wouldn’t recommend it to those who don’t like high liabilities as although the lay odds tend to be around the 7 – 8 mark they can be as high as 10.  The flip side is they can also be as low as 3.5 (although I never had any this low).

Overall, I give Lay Formula a big thumbs up.  As with any system (especially laying systems) there are downsides, mainly in the costs associated with finding a winner, however, for me the upsides outweigh the downs and with a 25% boost to the bank at level stakes with the potential for far more using their staking plan I’m more than happy to recommend it.

You can get Lay Formula here: