Hello, My name is Craig Anderson and I’m going to be testing a lay system going by the name of Lay Formula.

The general idea behind the system is that fancied horses will attract money in the final minutes before a race and, as a result, unfancied horses will drift in the betting. The author has added a few logical filters within the system to ensure you are not blindly laying drifters. After a read through the system it seemed fairly straight forward and I could see where the author was coming from, however, after a second and third read through there are a couple of comments that lead me to think the author doesn’t actually use the system, which is always of concern, however, I can see the logic of the system and so I will give it a fair trial for around a month and post the results daily. As it follows the live markets I won’t be able to post each days selections so I will post an update after each days racing.

The author claims an average of 30 points profit per week, so I will start with an initial bank of £1000, and level stake 1% of the bank on each selection. There is a staking plan that comes with the system but I like a system to perform to level stakes before giving any consideration to a staking plan.

As the system involves following live betting, it is fairly time consuming and can see you sat in front of a PC all day. To try and save me getting square eyes and a headache, I checked through the race cards during the morning for potential races I’d be playing in. Today saw me consider 11 races in total and play in 5 of those.

All 5 selections duly lost their races at an average of 6.8 for a pleasing £45 profit (accounting for 5% Betfair commission).

£11.25 an hour…..better than working for a living!