LayFrom3 is a simple software program that parses the tissue prices of the first three favourites on the Racing Post website and makes a  form type asssessment assigning a rating to each. The lowest of the three is then labelled as the option to lay. You then place your lay bet on your favourite Betting exchange.
The cost of this software is £49.00 (+VAT), and they also offer a 7day no quibble refund if you are not entirely happy for whatever reason. (The software is registered for use on your PC, so you cannot remain using  if you do decide to cancel your subscription).

If you have Racing Post basic membership you can access the early prices the night before but for those of us who don’t, the software can be run from 9am the following morning for the days racing.  The selections can be saved and accessed for later use if you decide to place your bets later on in the day.

There are three other key selection criteria suggested : no lay bets over 8.0, no fewer than 8 runners and all three ’tissue’  selections MUST RUN ie. if one becomes a non-runner then no bet. Clearly, the non-runner rule means that you will have to monitor races throughout the morning and place bets at the last minute or (like me), set up a bot to do the hard work for you. However, you need to ensure that your bot has the  facility to be able to make a decision on whether to bet or not, based upon the status of the other two competing/shortlisted horses.

If I am brutally honest, I have found the system a little slow to run, and I would hope that any future releases of the software could speed communiation with the Racing Post site up a little. As it is, I find making the selections although simple, a little tedious and this can take upto 10-15 minutes on a busy race day.
I figure the software would be much better if it ran through all race-cards on Auto-pilot  (so you could do something else), and finally presents the user with a shortlist a few minutes later when it had completed the number crunching. (..perhaps I am too impatient..?)

There is a PDF file available on the LayFrom3 sales page,  confirming the test results for a 52 day trial carried out late last year (note : NH season), in which the system alleges  to have made 84 points in this time – which for a lay betting system is phenomenal. So, I am keen to see if the success of such a simple system can be repeated during the current ‘wash-out’ of a flat season we are experiencing.

I will be doing all the race meetings for any given day : All Weather, National Hunt and Flat.

I will be employing  a virtual £1,000 bank and using £30 fixed liability staking.
NOTE : For what it’s worth, I also plan to report BACKING all selections to level stakes (but this is just for fun and not something suggested by the system author)


NOTE : Start balance in both cases £1,000

Week#1 (14th July – 20th July incl.)

Weeks P/L : £ -116.84
Current balance : £883.16
Strike rate : 75.9%

Weeks P/L : £ 168.48
Current balance : £1,168.48