Here are the latest results:

2:30 YARMOUTH Bodden Bay 23.0 £25.64
7:55 SOUTHWELL Davids Cavalier 24.0 £24.90

7:50 SEDGEFIELD Delray Beach 18.5 £33.20

Number of matched bets: 84

Number of successful lays: 83

Strike rate: 98.8%

Bank: £1776.62

P/L: +£776.62

Well, I think I have tested this system for long enough to give it a fair review. Just to remind everyone what this system is all about, it’s a laying system that uses a very unusual criteria for selecting the horses to lay. In fact, Ive never seen anything like it and I doubt anyone else has. The logic is totally sound. Much like the Bet Synergy system, this system relies on finding Value bets. Whereas with Bet Synergy we were looking for selections whos odds were much higher than their true worth, with Lay Investor we identify horses whos Lay odds are lower than they really should be. By laying these horses, as with Bet Synergy, we simply must profit over the long term.

Now for the shocker. As you probably know, I favour laying systems that go for false favourites at short odds because the liabilities are low. As long as you have a decent strike rate, which is obviously difficult, then you make a profit. However, with Lay Investor it is the opposite. In fact some of the odds are teeth grindingly large and this did, at first, make me do a double take and wonder if Les had lost his marbles. But again, the logic is sound. Even if you hit a high odds winner now and then, the LONG TERM results should still show a decent profit as long as the bets are good value.

We had the same with Bet Synergy, a low strike rate but the few winners gave enough to give a healthy profit. With Lay Investor, we expect a high strike rate (quoted 98% and above) with a few losing bets ripping away at the profits but still leaving a good profit.

Now, Les has told me that when you do get a high odds winner this will typically cause the whole month to run at a loss and this was indeed what we found when we hit a losing bet back in January. This happened in four separate months last year, but the other eight winning months pulled the system into a decent profit. As we have seen from the blog test, we did indeed recover the loss and pull in a significant profit to go with it.

Regarding the high odds, one thing that does make it easier to cope with is the fact that we are going for a set LIABILITY per bet. So it doesn’t matter whether we are betting on a horse at 15.0 or a horse at 55.0, the liability is exactly the same and we would lose the same amount if the horse happened to win. This does make it a whole lot more managable because if we were going for a set stake, it would make your blood curdle trying to hit the ‘submit’ button on a bet at 95.0, but seeing as the liability is the same regardless of the odds offered, it takes away the emotional desire to sit under your desk with a bag over your head as the race is being run.

The system works perfectly with the Grey Horse Bot too which takes out the emotional content completely. Sure, a losing bet does take out a chunk of the profit but as we have seen, this system just chugs away quite merrily drip feeding your betting bank on a daily basis.

This is one of the weirdest systems I’ve tested simply because it goes against everything we would normally consider to be sensible betting. However, there is no denying the fact that it does actually work.

If you are looking for an exciting system which will bring in modest gains week after week (and who isn’t?) with some great races to watch but the inevitable frequent losing bets etc. then this system will probably leave you feeling a little cold.

However, if you want a system that you can use with GHB, that will give you winning bets for days, weeks, even months in a row with the very occassional setback then this really could be one to add to your portfolio.

I give it a thumbs up. Congratulations Les on a truely unique system. Les, by the way, if you haven’t already worked out from his blog posts, is a stand up guy. If you buy his system and have any questions at all he is always very willing to help out.

Lay Investor really does live up to it’s name. It’s more of an investment vehicle than a betting system, but with a far higher return than any ISA on the market!