Yesterdays Results including odds, amount bet, and winnings.

8.35 GOO Linlithgow 6.00 £2.23  £2.12
3.35 MAR Hi Dancer 6.80 £1.92 Won -£11.16  

I think Hi Dancer was a silly bet coz it was steaming down in price between 11:30 and midday which was when I placed my bet. No doubt before the off this was probably the Betfair favourite. So if I was live betting this probably would not have been a bet which again proves that there is a great benefit to live betting when laying. 

This error has cost us drastically. The bank is now down. Well at least I learnt something:- Dont bet on steamers (moving down in price)!   

Bank = £94.85 

Month Profit on Bank = -5.15% 

Strike Rate = Bets 9. Winning Bets (losing horses) 7 = 77.78%