Yesterdays Results including odds, amount bet, and winnings. 

7.35 WIN Rocking  4.90 £2.86 Won -£11.15

Oh dear! Another winning horse. Not looking good is it for a very selective system? Admittedly this bet was placed very early in the day, about 6:30am, so I couldnt tell if it was steaming down in price. I think what I’ll do, if it’s okay with Graham, is continue to test this system next month but only place bets when there is plenty of money in the market. So I’ll place my bets around midday and avoid any steamers. It will be interesting to see if this makes a difference. Doing it this way I wont be able to bet every day but hopefully it will avoid these bank destroying winning horses   

Bank = £82.05 

Month Profit on Bank = -17.95% 

Strike Rate = Bets 10. Winning Bets (losing horses) 7 = 70%