Yesterdays Results including odds, amount bet, and winnings.   

4.25 NEWC Fol Hollow  3.95 £3.78  £3.59
1.50 NEWM Crystal Reign 0.38 £4.05  £3.85  

Nice! Two more winning bets. I starting to think maybe I just went through a bad patch. A few more days to the end of the trial. I’m getting really indecisive about this system. Is it good, is it bad? Ive read a couple of reviews in a forum and a racing newsletter I subscribe to and they say ignore it or stay clear. However, I thinking it maybe worth further investigation, as the strike rate is looking healthier. Perhaps some sort of staking plan would improve the results. Maybe if hitting a lose; use a recovery plan that wins the stake back over 3 bets. Of course if hitting another winner the recovery starts again. Could be scary on a losing (winning horses) run though.   

Bank = £94.77 

Month Profit on Bank = -5.23% 

Strike Rate = Bets 20. Winning Bets (losing horses) 16 = 80%