Well, what a wonderful laying system. Ive been using it for 3 days and I havent lost a penny. Woohoo!!

Oh I forgot to mention, I havent had a selection yet either. Doh!

Sorry for the sarcasm I just felt like I had to post something about this system in case you all thought I’d forgot.

So what does this tell us so far? Well, we are only to lay on races where there are 14 runners or more so it’s mostly gonna be handicaps. Yippee my favourite (not). It’s obviously a very selective system and looking at the other parameters I don’t think it’s gonna give many selections but hopefully being so selective it will have a higher ratio of losing horses. I dunno about you but I’d much rather have less selections with a higher strike rate particularly when laying horses.

This system lays anything under 7.0 (thats 6/1 for all you non-Betfair fans). So the strike has to be good as you could have 5 winning bets, at £100 a lay thats £500 profit. Sounds profitable and exciting doesnt it? Then your next selection, some donkey, goes on to win his race at odds of 5.0 and your back to where you started. Thats why Graham The Master of all Cash Masters and myself generally don’t like laying at high odds. However, there are people who make serious money at it. It’s just a case of finding a system that works. After all there has been some successful laying systems tests so far on this blog.

Lets see what happens. If there is no bets I shall not bother to blog it as this is gonna happen quite often. If there are no bets for a few days I’ll probably find something to ramble on about.   🙂