Yesterdays Results including odds, amount bet, and winnings.   

8.40 KEM Tilapia 4.70 £2.70  £2.57  

I though I’d better let you know my staking plan. I being reserved with the amount of my betting bank due to past bad experiences with laying systems. If this system goes well I will increase my bank drastically every month, almost like an investment plan. So I started with just £100. My bet will be 10% of my bank as a liability. Which means as the bank grows so does the amount I lay thus compounding my profits. 

So, yesterday you can see the odds I got where 4.70. To work out the amount laid (for those of you who arent so hot on Maths):-   

£100 (current bank) / (the odds) (4.7 – 1) (minus one coz these are Betfair odds i.e. 2/1 becomes 3.0) = £2.70   

Bank = £102.57 

Month profit on Bank = 2.57%