Yesterdays Results including odds, amount bet, and winnings. 

2.40 BAT Shandelight  6.40 £1.99  £1.89
2.00 STR Green Day Packer 5.60 £2.34  £2.22

At the 2:00 Stratford there was also the choice of Callisto Moon. The reason I went for Green Day Packer is because this horse had moved up 3 classes as Callisto Moon had moved up two. This was quite a big jump for both horses as if they do move up a class it’s usually by just one. Green Day Packer was clearly at a disadvantage in this race and came 6th. Callisto Moon still did surprisingly well to finish 2nd so both horses would have made a profit. 

Another reason I didnt pick Callisto Moon was because I was doing my selection process very early in the morning at about 6:30am coz it was my birthday and I was going to see a friend in Bournemouth for the day. At this early there is not much money in the market and Callisto Moon was at odds of 7.00. Maybe it did slip below this price later as more money came into the market. Also the 2:30 at Stratford had some potential selections but again at this time in the morning the prices were too high.   

Bank = £111.55 

Month Profit on Bank = 11.55%

Strike Rate = Bets 5. Winning Bets (losing horses) 5. 100%