Yesterdays Results  

Yesterday in the morning there was a selection at the 2:50 Bev. The horse that qualified was Sam´s Secret but I decided to live bet this (wait until just before the off) coz my theory was if the favorite, Flying Bantam, was a non-runner then I could be at risk as my selection would become the favorite. Technically speaking this is the correct way to place bets when laying i.e. reducing risk. 

When looking at this race just before the off (about 10 minutes before) my selection had become the 3rd favorite and the odds had risen to 7.00 making it a non-selection. They then continued to rise. Sam´s Secret went on to lose the race and Flying Bantam won.

So there are two options here. Should I of laid the horse in the morning and made a profit but taken more risk or did I do the right thing and wait until the off? I would really appreciate any ones comments on this.   

Bank = £102.24 

Month Profit on Bank = 2.24% 

Strike Rate = Bets 7. Winning Bets (losing horses) 6 = 85.71%