Well what can I say apart from a little disappointing. I’m not a big fan of laying and this system, well with this month anyway, shows why.

At the beginning and at the end of the trial the system showed excellent results, but right in the middle we had 4 winning horses very close together, which took the bank to -25.03%. Ouch! Overall the strike rate was 80.95% out of 21 bets. I’m sure there were a few more but these are all the ones I found as it depends on what time you look, as the prices may change on Betfair a few ticks taking a horse within or out of price range to qualify. Plus there were a few days where I couldn’t run this system due to commitments.

I was gonna do another month trial with this system, then during my losing run I decided the system was a typical waste of time system, and then towards the end of the trial I thought maybe I should carry on for another month. Honestly, I’m not normally this indecisive. I thought maybe with a staking plan this could work. But if you tried to recoup your loss after one bet and hit another couple of winning horses the liability would really add up fast. I havent got the stomach for that. So then I thought what about spreading the loss over the next 3 bets but then again looking at the losing run you can see this would have got very scary again with regard to liability.

12-Jun-2007 2.45 SAL Charlie Delta   Winning Horse
                   8.30 WOR The King Of Angels 
15-Jun-2007 8.35 GOO Linlithgow 
                   3.35 MAR Hi Dancer Winning Horse
18-Jun-2007 7.35 WIN Rocking  Winning Horse
20-Jun-2007 4.45 WOR Monty´s Salvo  
21-Jun-2007 4.20 ASC Artimino 
                   4.55 ASC Zaham  Winning Horse 

I suppose if youve got the stomach for it then this system is possibly for you. Sorry but my stomach is not made of steel so I gonna leave it. I not gonna recommend this system but I not gonna slate it either. It doesnt take long to find your selections, only a few minutes, so I suppose that is a bonus. I gonna ask Graham to add it to the neutral list. If anyone is using it I’d be interested to know what stake plan you are using.

Happy racing everyone


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