Hi everyone.

Andre here again. Well I hope you enjoyed my blogging for the Legacy and I hope it encouraged some of you to purchase it. Yes, I made a couple of boo boos like betting on Hunter Chases for the first couple of weeks until someone kindly pointed out that these are Amateur Races and don’t qualify. I do apologise but after all I only human (just, some might say).  

This month I testing a new system called Lay Revolution. I hate laying systems in general. Not coz of the concept, in fact I think it’s a great idea. It’s just that I yet to purchase a system that has long-term profits. Ive recently tested a new one, which has come on the market recently (no names mentioned), which started off fantastic but by the end of the month was a disaster. I wasnt surprised.  

However, I open minded and would love to find a lay system that works and ideally where the bets can be placed first thing in the morning and not have to bother checking just before the off to see if anything has a changed i.e. in some systems you have to check if there is no non-runners as this will possibly make the race a no bet. Lay Revolution claims to be able to do this although it does give tips to improve results if you want to do live betting (betting just before the off).  

I will be testing this system with Live betting Monday to Thursday and (whatever you call placing all your bets first thing in the morning) betting Friday to Sunday coz I cant do live betting on these three days normally.  

I started to use this system yesterday so Ive missed two days of the month so I will continue the test until 2nd July. Yesterday and today there have been no bets. After today I will place the selections and results after each days of racing.