Yesterdays Lay Bets

4:30 Ripon COLORADO – This ended up being a non qualifier because of a rule in the system which I must say happens very rarely, just as well really seeing as he won the race, this is definitely the frustrating part of the system for me having to wait to the off to make sure it still qualifies, it will obviously suit some people better then others however if the profits ever start rolling in I won’t be worrying too much about sacrificing afternoons!!! at the moment going nowhere fast!

4:40 Cheltenham PRESENT GLORY 3.75 – Won £9.50

4:55 Newmarket YAQEEN 1.96 – Lose -£9.60

Todays Potential Lay Bets

3:15 Newbury MEDICINE PATH (all 8 must run)

5:20 Thirsk FUTURISTIC DRAGON (Soccerjackpot & Pearl Valley must run)

Total Profit +£1.80 (0.18pts)