Yesterdays Results

Only 2 qualified ending up in me taking a hit on my depleting bank! JENNIFERS JOY won it’s race at 3.65 losing me £26.50 and ROODOLPH 3.75 lost his race netting me £9.50 so a loss of £17.00 on the day leaving me with just £11.00 (1.10pts) profit with 2 days left of my trial.

Todays Potential Lays

2:30 Southwell CEDAR MOUNTAIN (Blue Denim & Ninetyninetreble must run)

4:40 Southwell DIKTATORSHIP (Kentucky Bullet & Trysting Grove must run)

6:20 Exeter TRITONVILLE LODGE (Raslan & Nayodabayo must run)

7:50 Exeter CELEBRITY CALL (All 8 must run)