Yesterdays Results

Only INHERENT qualified yesterday ending my trial with a £9.60 profit on the day.


It was a month of frustration for me, it took a while to get going then had a nice solid run of 10 straight winning lays that put me nearly 10 pts up but then had to watch it all go back to the market by the end of the trial, there doesn’t appear to be any benfit in laying say under 3.0 or anything the system produces as it still produced roughly the same results, this month anyway! so I must say I am very disappointed with the end result of this months trial and will not be using this system again, I’m not saying it’s a total failure as my bank didn’t end up being threatened but I have yet to see proof that the system provides the results indicated on the website, I will continue to monitor the authors results on a monthly basis just in case I picked a rare bad period and will be prepared to test it at a later date as the selection process is easy enough.

Total Trial Period Profit -£16.80 (-1.68pts)

21 from 35 winning lays 60% strike rate

Longest winning run 10 Longest losing run 4