Yesterday afternoon the email advice was conspicuous by it’s absence, the first time this has happened since I started the trial.  However, an email was sent out around 7.30pm explaining that the server was being upgraded to something better and there was a minor technical glitch with the switchover.  It appears that there would have been only one potential afternoon selection, so not much was missed. 

There were two evening selections, including one “Special Bet” (backing to win £25 gross) and two lays.  Unfortunately, all three resulted in losses.  This afternoon should prove much more interesting than yesterday (and more profitable, I hope) with seven selections so far – I will report on these tomorrow.

RESULTS Thursday 12-11-09

Bank: £1251.75
Almeria v Hercules, Back Almeria £34.75 @ 1.72 = -£35.75 loss
NHL New Jersey v Pittsburgh,
lay Under 5.5 Goals £25 @ 1.78 = -£19.50 loss
NHL Montreal v Phoenix, lay Montreal £25 @ 2.36 = -£34.00 loss 
Bank: £1162.50
Overall P/L: £662.50