It was with a bit of a shock that it came to my attention this morning that the last four weeks had passed all too quickly and yesterday was the last day of this trial.  I shall sit down and put the finishing touches to my (glowing) Final Review and I will post that in the next day or two.

Just as a very brief recap, I started with a notional betting bank of £500 and this now stands at £1407.50.  As can be seen, the bank has very nearly trebled.  When I post my review, I will first give a detailed breakdown of the results I achieved during this test (strike rate, average odds for all bets, average odds for losing bets, etc.) followed by my equally detailed opinion of the service.  However, I think it’s possible for readers to make a wild guess at my general opinion and not be too far off the mark.

Yesterday there were one afternoon and three evening selections.  All of these were winning lays, so the trial has ended on a high note – not that there were many low notes during the course of the trial. 

RESULTS Saturday 14-11-09

Bank: £1312.50
Cheltenham 13.20 Toby Jug £25 @ 3.75 = £23.75 profit
NBA Detroit v Washington, lay Washington £25 @ 1.66 = £23.75 profit
NHL Calgary v Toronto, lay Toronto £25 @ 2.18 = £23.75 profit
NHL San Jose v St Louis, lay St Louis £25 @ 2.32 = £23.75  
Bank: £1407.50
Overall P/L: £907.50