It is a month since I finished trialling this service and an update is about due.  For this update, I think it appropriate that I relate my experiences rather than giving “hard” results – which would be difficult as I was using a compounding staking plan and it would take me some time to translate these into level stakes.  Also, there are other factors below that will become apparent.

I regard the results from the service during the time I was trialling it as little short of spectacular.  In fact I broke my rules and used my own money, rather than the minimal stakes I normally use to ensure that records are based on actual bets placed.  While my bets were smaller than the £25 notional stakes used for the test, they were large enough that had a loss been taken direct from my wallet I would have been complaining to the local constabulary.

Since the test there has been a change in the quality of the results from the service and the comment in my final review – to the effect that 92 bets is not statistically significant, but it is getting there – now seems premature.  Looked at more objectively, even double that number of bets is not statistically significant. 

Whether the trial coincided with a purple patch and the subsequent results are more the norm, or whether the trial represents the norm and the service is going through a bad patch remains to be seen.  Of course, it could be that the norm is somewhere between the two.  Given the subsequent results, however, the timing of my trial could not have been better for the service.  Quite literally one or two days after the trial finished so did the excellent results.  

When I have first hand experience of a system or service over an extended period (say 18 months or more), it hit’s a bad patch and nothing else appears to have changed, then I know to take a deep breath and remain disciplined.  By first hand experience I mean actually using the system/ service to place bets somewhat larger than Betfair’s minimum, with the intention of making a profit that my bank manager is not going to laugh at.  Without that first hand experience, no matter what past results have been posted, when things go sour I find it exceptionally difficult to remain disciplined and at some stage thoughts about sex and games involving soldiers will come to mind (as in rearranging and adding in deletions to: soldiers game of this for). 

I did not start placing “real” bets until about half way through the trial and so the profit I was showing at the end of the trial was good, but not as good as if I had started at the beginning.  I continued using the service for about two weeks after the end of the test, but around the beginning of December, when it looked like my bank was likely to come under threat of moving into negative territory, I put the service on hold, where it remains.

Due to my current limited access to the Internet, as well as various other factors, I cannot at the moment guarantee being able to get all bets placed in time.  For these reasons, as well as for the simple fact that I feel it appropriate to do so, I shall keep the service on hold until it has turned the corner and when it has I shall dive back in again.  Others may disagree, but I do not regard this as a lack of discipline, but a common sense move until an appropriate level of first hand experience has been built.