It is just over a month since my last update and time to bring things up-to-date again.

Owing to a serious family crisis, I have not had the opportunity to access the Internet on a daily basis since the beginning of the year and only one opportunity over the last week or so.  Things should be returning to normal very soon, however. 

The results on Lay the Best’s (LtB’s) website show a small loss for December (-3.8 points) and a profit of just under 11 points to 18th January – the most recent update on the site.  Overall, the official results and my own, based on the bets I have been able to place, are pretty much in-line.  There is another matter that has given me cause for concern, however, and I think it important that I share this.

I have been made aware that, because of December’s small loss, a number of blog readers (and I’m sure there are others) decided to take advantage of the free month offered by the service in the event that there is a losing month. 

It seems that the promised free month was not forthcoming and the reason given sounded to me somewhat lame – to the effect that because the loss was small (-3.8 points) it was regarded as breaking even.  If terms and conditions to that effect had been posted on the website I think that may have been fair enough, maybe!  However, it does not appear that this was made clear on the site and I feel that this was a serious ommission on the part of the Lay the Best team.

I recently checked the site and I see that what they are offering now is “… if you don’t make a profit after 6 months, we will refund all of your subscription payments…”  Under the circumstances I feel it might be a good idea for any new subscribers (or existing ones) to check with Lay the Best to clarify exactly what their policy is regarding refunds.  However, I live in hope that the service will not record a loss for any six month period.

Despite my criticisms, the service was extremely profitable during the trial period and after December’s losing run it is showing a profit of nearly 11 points (almost £270 using £25 stakes, as in the trial)  to 18th January.