My last update regarding this service was not my last, afterall.  My subscription was reinstated at the end of February and I am updating to the middle of March.

The last update I posted was on 19th February and verified the “official” results up to the 12th.  I do not have any issues with the results that have been posted subsequent to when I was reinstated at the end of February: they show industry and Betfair SP and potential selections that failed on price.  Also, all selections sent out to me appear on the site.

Results posted on the site include Betfair commission and – based on BF SP – March, up to and including the 17th (the last update on the site), shows a profit of around quarter of a point.  I cannot verify the results for the second half of February, but I’ve no reason to doubt their accuracy.  From the 12th to the end of the month the service just failed to break even, but there was a 4 point profit for the entire month.