I have been recording results for this system since early March and it’s now time to end the trial.

The reason for the extended trial period was based on the fact that this only targets English and Scottish leagues, so we had the off season to contend with. There’s also the fact that I wanted to give it a long run as wasn’t really convinced about the idea behind it.

The method is basically about laying the draw for any team that drew their last game. The software starts out with every team in all the English & Scottish leagues on a selection list. You run the software and it finds all the qualifying games. Once all the games have been played out and the results known, the software will remove any team that now has two consecutive draws. Those teams will not be selected again during the season.

We got off to a very good start and a reasonable amount of profit was made at the tail end of last season. Sadly, that trend has not continued into this season and all the profit gained has been lost and we end the trial slightly below where we started.

I did spot an odds range that performed much better. Half way through the trial, I found that if we only bet in games where the draw price was between 3.75 and 6.00 (when I checked prices, usually on the morning of games) a much higher strike rate and level of profit was achieved. Using that odds range a profit of just over 10 points would have been made sine the start of the trial.

Whilst that doesn’t sound a huge profit in the period we’ve covered, it has to be remembered that this is not an ongoing subscription affair. You buy a license for the software and there are no more fees to pay. A license running to the end of the current season costs £24.99, so you wouldn’t need to be staking at a high level to recover your purchase price and make a profit on top.

Now that I have all the figures for the trial period, I can see that if you slightly adjusted my odds range to only betting in games between 4.00 and 6.00 you’d have made around 24 points. You would only have had 39 bets in the trial period, but 36 of them were winners.

Obviously, as it lost a few points overall, I can’t put this on the Approved list but bearing in mind the reasonable purchase price, the extremely good customer service and the fact that you can make it work quite well if you employ a sensible odds filter, putting it on the Failed list seems a bit harsh.

I think a rating of NEUTRAL seems the best fit.