This software based service hasn’t produced any bets for the last week, as it looks solely at English and Scottish leagues it is running out of teams to look at as the seasons run down.

We’ve been recording results for around 2 months. I’m really not sure which way to jump with it as I still think the logic behind it is a bit random, but it has performed pretty well. It did have a dreadful first weekend, it lost 10 points as soon as we started. But since then, it’s steadily clawed all that back and made 8 points profit on top. That really is a very decent run of results.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, a very clear “Sweet Spot” appears if you analyse the results. The official figures are 54 bets with 43 wins, S/R of 79.63% and 8 points profit after Betfair comm. If you use the odds filter I suggested (3.75 – 6.00) the figures are 31 bets with 28 wins, 90% S/R and 18 points profit after comm.

We just haven’t had time to give this the 3 month test, so I propose to file this under Neutral for now and to revisit it in September when we can make a final judgement. I’m pretty sure this was heading for an Approved but due to the criteria, I’m not willing to jump the gun on an abbreviated trial. Looks promising though.



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