Final review

Lay the draw has been one of the most popular strategies since the arrival of Betfair, when we could all play the bookie. What we have learnt to do, however, is to lay the draw and manage it in-play, hoping to trade out after a goal is scored. This service doesn’t bother with the trading aspect. What it does is identify decent LTD opportunities as a set and forget service. The tips arrive via downloadable software which subscribers sign into on a daily basis.

There had never been any losing months in 16 months prior to this trial and the service was over 500 points up in that time. That’s serious money and of course, as a LTD service there are no big losing runs, so a relatively low risk service.


The service is currently available at a reduced price of £49.97 per two months, and there are discounted options for six months and one year.

I found that the odds available to lay are usually one or two ticks higher than those advised.

The service never started firing on those cylinders showing before the trial, with no month paying for the service subs at £10 stake per lay. This is in very stark contrast with the bullish marketing on the website. With five months of football, including the prime European season, the results have been disappointing.


221 games  – 151 wins  – 62 losses – 8 postponed games – average odds 3.77 – p/l -30.09 points

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The review period for this service can only consign this to the FAILED category.

You can try Lay The Draw Tips here:Failed