Bet 19   +£17

Total      +£629.00

A week in and the system seems to be working well. I still think it best to avoid the borderline cases I have mentioned before as this system revolves around having a fairly low strike with very low liabilities. I think if I were using this system long term in my day to day betting I would find it best to adopt a “get in, make money, get out” approach. The maximum win in any sole race is £190. I have hit this maximum on four separate days but have only ended the day above this figure once. If I had stopped betting after a maximum win the total profit figure would now stand at £932. That is very nearly 50% more than the already very decent profit level. We all know that a week is too short a time to form a true opinion of any system, but it is often enough to get a good feel for it. This system feels pretty good as it stands but there’s always room for improvement. I will of course continue this test as per the rules laid down in the e-book.