Bet 1   -£136

Bet 2   +£40

Bet 3   +£190

Total   +£94.00

In the introduction to this system I said that everyone would get the same selections because of the simple criteria. After a day of live betting I am not so sure that is true. The slight issue is that the e-book says to place bets “near the start of the race.” To me that suggests leaving it as late as possible so that you are sure the horse is a real selection at the off. I had the 3 bets listed above but there were 2 other possible races. I watched the betting for around 10 mins before the off and found that there is less liquidity in the place markets than the win market and that means that price changes are more dramatic. Needless to say this volatility increases the closer to off time you get. In the 2 omitted races horses fell in and out of range by the second. I decided to leave these borderline cases alone as they were just outside the liability range. I did not want to distort figures on the first day. Once a bit of confidence is gained in this system it may turn out that it is worth placing them. If I had bet in these races I would have lost just over £100. Meaning a slight loss on the day.