Bet 44  +£65

Total     +£1021 (after 5% comm)
Only 1 other possible today and that just failed to qualify. It’s been a quiet few days for this system but there has only been 1 day of no bets at all and the bank has been heading in the right direction. I’ve hit the landmark £1000 level in around 3 weeks of using this system. As shown above all figures have been recorded after the full 5% commission even though most punters will pay slightly less. The only negative I have found so far is that it can be very frustrating waiting to get a qualified bet. Horses drop in and out of contention with every refresh click and it’s often a really close call as to whether to go ahead. As selection criteria depends on the total liability of laying 2 horses in the same races, you have the problem of 1 getting matched and the other getting voided. I have been following rules to the letter and atempting to get my bets on at the very last second before the off and most of the time I do get matched at a required level, but should a price change as you place your bet it can be a swine to get matched in running on the place markets without exceeding liabilty limit’s. This is only a very slight niggle with what is looking like a decent little system. There is around a week of the test left to go and I would hope things continue in an upward direction.