POSITIVE RESULTS                  41

NEGATIVE RESULTS                 26

STRIKE RATE (profit made)       61.2%

TOTAL PROFIT                         £904 (£100 STAKE PER SELECTION & AFTER 5% COMM PAID)

I have recorded the results above as positive and negative instead of won and lost for a very good reason. As this system  operates in the place markets and two horses are selected in each qualifying race,  there are three possible outcomes rather than the usual two. You can have a total win, a total loss or a mixture of win and loss. This occurs when one horse is unplaced and one is placed and your profit or loss is the net figure. During the test period I have had winning amounts varying between £4 and £190 as well as losses varying between £15 and £177. This instability is the only real negative aspect to this system.

There are other slight problems, the main one being liquidity in the place markets is still fairly low and so price movement near the start of the race can be pretty extreme. The main criteria for selection in a qualifying race is total liability of both horses selected. The normal scenario is that you have one horse odds on and one odds against. The trick is to get both bets matched for a total liability not exceeding £180. As stated earlier, the prices jump around like crazy as you near the start of a race and bets go in and out of range several times. For the sake of consistency I have always taken prices as my computer clock hit’s the off time and have stuck religiously to the stated max liability. It would have been possible to have had many more bets had I taken prices earlier in the build up or been willing to exceed the maximum liability by a pound or two.

As I have mentioned a few times during daily reports on this system, I have placed all qualifying bets. There have been quite a few races where I have placed the bet despite it being extremely unlikely to come off. I doubt anyone would lay a horses with a win S.P. of 1/4 to be unplaced. But if it qualified I recorded the result.

I did miss a week of testing towards the end of July and I have been told by another user that the system had a good week while I was missing. Even without that weeks results a very decent profit was made over the course of the trial period. A nasty losing run saw profits drop from over £1200 to around £400 but that was put right in the space of a single good day.

I would have no problem in giving this system a strong thumbs up. The ebook is refreshingly short, the rules are very easy to follow and it takes seconds to spot qualifying races. Other than the slight niggles about market liquidity and when to take prices, it really is a very good system.

I cannot state strongly enough how important I feel it is to have an all or nothing approach with this system. With the huge variation in possible win/loss figures it would not be viable to dip in and out of. What I mean is that there is no such thing as an average day. This system is fine if you can use it most days of the week, but I would not trust this to be profitable if used once in a while. You may be lucky and win £400, but there is an equal chance you could lose a similar figure. This balances itself out over time.

This system does make money if you follow the easy rules. I would also say that it is possible to use your own judgement and common sense on if a bet looks a good idea or not. It would also be very easy to mould the principles of this system to suit your own tastes and ideas. As with all systems it is probably most useful as a thought provoker. If you notice a particular odds range is more profitable than others then you can concentrate on that area.

I’m not sure how it will perform during the jumps season but I am more than happy with the performance so far.

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