Hi Guys

Just to let you all know, I am trying this system out using the greyhorse bot that has been reviewed here before. It is very easy to set the bot to find selections for lay the place system and I intend keeping you informed on a weekly basis for the next month. I will just give a net figure for the days I get matched bets and will give a running grand total at the end of each post. As per last month’s trial of the system itself all figures are given to £100 staked on each selected horse (2 per qualifying race) and 5% comm is already deducted from profit figures given. The bad news is that this has been the slowest week on this system since I started it. Very few matched bets and even fewer winning ones. I have set the bot to check prices from 30 secs before off time, but will increase this time over the next few weeks to see if we have more luck and more bets.  Results so far are listed below.

11/8   +£79

12/8   -£11

13/8    No Matched Bets

14/8   -£82

15/8    No Matched Bets

Running total  -£14