Just a quick update on how lay the place is doing with the greyhorse bot. In a word, terrible.

It’s nothing to do with the bot, just the system is on an awful run of losses. The good thing about the system is that even with this run, just two maximum wins will put it back in credit.

From Monday I am going to move the start betting time from 30 secs before the off to 5 minutes to see if that has an effect on number of bets and more importantly the bottom line figure. It is worth mentioning that the system would still be in a healthy profit if figures were carried over from the end of the official test on this system.

Running Bank  -£14

net profit/loss per day :
16/8  -£286

17/8  no bets matched
18/8   +£305

19/8  -£131

20/8   no matched bets
21/8  -£237

22/8  +£28

23/8  -£15

Running Bank -£350