A final update on this. This system has hit a really rough patch over the last month. It would still be in profit from my proper test of it in July, but not by much. I would not be keen to use this with a bot longterm. I think the system is good but you do need to use your own judgement to make a profit. You have to be a bit more selective with the races. Increasing the time you start the bot before a race did not help a great deal because of the lower levels of liquidity in place markets it is easy to get false selections and prices. I have also had a bit of a play with the USA racing using the system and would strongly advise against it. It was awful. I tried it for two weeks on paper and didn’t have a single winning day. It may have been better if I used the later races from the states, but I ran the bot up to 10pm and it failed to make any money.

In conclusion, I would still say that this system is worth having. It has had a bad run, but using the bot has made it look worse than it is. I would only use this system whilst watching the race/market and would avoid use of a bot of any kind.