This is the final review of my test for the Lay The Ratings System / Service, provided by Gordon Charles, following up the interim review published on 11th April.

For an initial payment of £3.99, and subsequent monthly payments of £27, Gordon will send the selections to you, otherwise there is there is a twenty-nine page e-book, to show how to obtain the selections, with a number of examples to show how they are obtained. If you wish to splash out, you can buy the e-book for £57.

A size of bank is not recommended in the e-book, and for the purpose of the test, I assumed that one point equals £10. There is a staking plan within the e-book, and Gordon asked if level stakes can be shown as a comparison, which I was more than happy to do.

I showed the results with the early prices (from when the e-mail is received), and at two minutes from the off.


Winning selections:

Strike Rate:

To Staking Plan (Early Prices):

To Staking Plan (Late Prices):

At Level Stakes (Early Prices):

At Level Stakes (Late Prices):

I have to admit I liked the system, the rationale behind the selections made sense. I received the selections from Gordon the evening before racing, and on the very few occasions that he was unable to send the selections, there was always an e-mail apologising for the delay, and an estimate of when they should be sent.

I also sent some e-mails to Gordon during the course of the test, the replies to which were always prompt and courteous.

The test has been somewhat of a roller coaster. The results were in the black for the early part of March, and then went into decline. During April, the results were on the incline, only to go back into decline again during middle and late May.

So I’ve scratched my head for a long time over this review, trying to get a handle on how to sum things up here, taking the two purchasing options into account. Should you decide to buy the e-book, then a profit of just over £50 would have been made with the staking plan at the later prices. If you had decided to receive the selections, then the test would have made a very similar amount. So an average profit of £17 per month is a profit, but not great enough for me to feel than an approved rating for the test is warranted. I would give it a neutral rating as, due to the roller coaster results that have occurred, it has not produced the profits that you could have expected, unless betting with larger stakes.

You can get Lay The Ratings here: