Hello Everyone, I am running this test of Lay The Ratings from Gordon Charles. For a monthly payment, Gordon will send the selections to you, otherwise there is there is a twenty-nine page e-book, to show how to obtain the selections, with a number of examples to show how they are obtained.

A size of bank is not recommended in the e-book, and for the purpose of the test, I am going to assume that one point equals £10.

There is a staking plan within the e-book, and Gordon has asked if level stakes can be shown as a comparison, which I am more than happy to do.

I will show the results with the early prices (from when the e-mail is received), and at two minutes from the off.

Anyway, onto todays results:

Selections: 4 (one turned into a non runner)
Winners: 2
Losers: 1

To Staking Plan:
Loss at Early Prices: -£42.06
Loss at 2′ to off: -£37.86

To Level Stakes:
Loss at Early Prices: -£5.00
Profit at 2′ to off: £4.40

Why the differences?  The staking plan reduces the stake with higher prices, and the third selection reduced in price.