I’m going to be recording results for Lay To 5K and the trial should last the 3 months in which they plan to complete the massive task of turning a £50 starting bank into a £5000 end target.

They are going to be using Lay bets only, covering both football and horse racing.

I’m sure we’ve all seen these sort of claims before, but not that many of them are willing to let us run the rule over them and report our findings in full, fewer still will offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee backed up by Clickbank, so I’m willing to give it a go. Nothing ventured etc…

When Graham & I were discussing starting this trial he asked me how long it would last, and said his bet was 3 weeks. My guess was 2 weeks tops. We’re 6 days in and the bank is lost.

I already placed this review on the back-burner due to performance and communication issues.

Those issues have not improved, emails still go unanswered, performance hasn’t pick up much

I think it’s time to pull the plug

You can sign up for LAY TO 5K HERE