When Graham & I were discussing starting this trial he asked me how long it would last, and said his bet was 3 weeks. My guess was 2 weeks tops. We’re 6 days in and the bank is lost.

I’m in two minds as to how to proceed. The obvious course of action is to bin it and move on. The loss of bank is one thing, but I’ve also sent two emails asking questions about selections and am yet to receive a reply. These weren’t moaning emails, they were genuine questions, one was “Please let me know the odds you advise on this bet, you left it off the email”, the other was “Please let me know how far odds are allowed to drift before you deem it a no bet.”

On the other hand, the members’ area is updated daily with a general review of the previous day and he has fully acknowledged the terrible form and promised to turn it round, even if it takes a little longer than the planned 3 months. To be fair, the football selections have, on the whole, been relatively unlucky in that they were statistically reasonable bets. Nothing earth shatteringly clever and not screamingly obvious “Sure Thing” tiny odds affairs.

Given the poor form and, more importantly, the lack of response to emails I am unlikely to give this Two thumbs up, even if it turn the performance in the near future

I think what I’ll do is to just keep an eye on this in the background and see what happens, rather than running an active trial on here and giving regular updates.

I’ll still be watching, but with slightly narrowed eyes, pursed lips, and my hat a considerably less jaunty angle than before.