The system has 2 qualifying races today – the 2:55 and 5:10 at Lingfield. One of the key rules of the system is to only lay selections at odds of 6.5 or below to limit liability. What this means therefore is that the potential lay selections need to be checked against the prices available on the exchanges. This morning there appears to be an outage on the Betfair site, so instead I went over to Betdaq.

Using current Betdaq prices, there are 3 selections in the 2:55:

Ravenna (3.2), Leg Sweep (6.0) and Caterina Ballerina (4.8)

There were no qualifying selections in the 5:10

Note that I will report all system results in terms of “points”, so a winning lay bet will produce a profit of 0.95 points (1 point minus 5% exchange comission), and a loss will simply be the lay odds on the selection minus 1 if it happens to win the race.