I’d like to thank Les for his efforts testing Lay to Profit.

In my opinion five points profit for a month isn’t bad. If it was the same all year round that’s sixty points a year which is a very nice return. £6,000 at £100 a point or even £600 for tenners is nothing to be sniffed at for a few minutes work a day. Of course we can’t tell how well it performs over the whole year from one months test but it’s good to see that it does work.

I think it’s preferable to have a portfolio of systems each providing modest monthly returns than to rely on one system for your betting income. This way if any one system has a bad month we would hope the others would still be performing. If you are running ten systems each making five points or so a month then you have a fairly substantial side income.

As with the Lay Whisperer, I will move this to the approved systems list as it has proved to be effective over the course of the test.