My name is Les Parkin and over the next few weeks I will be testing the Lay To Profit system for Graham. When it comes to laying systems I suppose I’m a bit of a veteran. Over the last 4 years I’ve seen (and used) lots of systems, some good and some most definitely NOT good!

Lay To Profit is a 100% mechanical system which means that nothing is left to guesswork or the individuals own interpretation of data. Selections are found by using information freely available on the Racing Post website, and this can be carried out the night before or in the morning for those who aren’t able to bet in the afternoons. Unlike some laying systems, Lay To Profit does not just concentrate on the (forecast) favourite in a race. Any horse in a qualifying race is a potential selection so long as it satisfies the system criteria. This means that there could potentially be more than one selection in a given race, in which case each would be layed to lose.

The first step in the selection process involves finding races that qualify for further investigation. A simple racecard check is made in order to determine if a race is suitable or not. It is interesting to note that only flat races (turf and all-weather) are able to pass this selection rule, although this is not explicitly stated in the system manual!

For a particular qualifying race, each runner is analysed using 4 simple filters to determine whether it is a selection or not. The whole day’s racing can easily be studied in 10 – 15 minutes.

My aim in testing the system will be to use it for around 30 days (not necessarily every consecutive day) and see how it performs. I will post the selections and the Betfair lay odds available at the time (e.g. in the evening before the racing concerned) and provide updates on how the system is performing.