Layers of Profit is, as the name implies, a laying system and with a top odds limit of 4.0. It specifies that if the odds when advised are outside this limit, the bet should be pursued in-running to get matched below 4.0. The bets are emailed to you at least an hour before the race and there is one bet advised per day. A bank of 35 points is advised.

This service hasn’t had a very good time this month. It may be that that bad weather has affected it adversely in limiting the choices made but nonetheless, one expects that the ratio of winners to losers should be reasonably well maintained. At 50% strike rate it might be argued that this balance is perfect, but for a laying system with average odds above evens, it spells disaster. The final week hasn’t helped matters, with only two selections becoming bets – and becoming winners – and the remaining days lost to the snow and the holiday.

From previous results quoted, this single month may well be just a blip and perhaps it might be fairer to leave this service until a better time, it may be one of those which doesn’t perform as well on the jumps as perhaps it does on the Flat. Consequently, I’ll refrain from the obvious rating and suggest it should be proofed again at a later date. Actual final stats are:

Start Bank £350.00
Final Bank £247.80
Strike Rate 50%
Average Odds 3.66

You can join Layers of Profit here: