Ok, I have to admit, so far I am very impressed with this bit of kit.

I’ve been using it for exactly one week and it seems to be really bringing home the bacon.

It takes about two minutes to set up each morning. I load it, click on the Scan button, and within 10 seconds it spits out the bets for the day. I save those to a spreadsheet, add a date column, and load it into The Bet Engine and start it up.

That really is it.

I’ve been betting to £10 liabilities, so on a losing bet I lose £10, and on a winning bet, I win a varied amount depending on what the odds are on the horse. I’ve been running this on both the Win market and the Place market on Betfair and here are the results after one week:

Win Market

Bets: 103
Successful: 88
Unsuccessful: 15
Strike Rate: 85.4
Avg Odds: 4.93
Profit: £132.53

Place Market

Bets: 46
Successful: 33
Unsuccessful: 13
Strike Rate: 71.7
Avg Odds: 2.62
Profit: £85.42

Total Profit: £217.95

That makes a combined profit of £217.95 to £10 bets in one week for two minutes work a day.

That’s good. That’s very good.

But there’s something else I completely forgot to mention in my opening post about this software…

This software costs £49.95 for A WHOLE YEARS access. That’s fifty quid for a year! I’ve made quadruple that in profit in the first week.

Well, that’s at the moment anyway. The price is going up on this software at midnight on 30th June so if you fancy getting a years access for a stupidly low price, go and get it now here: