One month into this new test and the results have turned a bit.

The place lays have performed poorly, going into negative territory and the win lays have given back to the market too:

Win Market

Bets: 476
Successful: 374
Unsuccessful: 102
Strike Rate: 78.6
Avg Odds: 5.05
Profit: £143.48

Place Market

Bets: 255
Successful: 149
Unsuccessful: 106
Strike Rate: 58.4
Avg Odds: 2.62
Profit: -£86.91

Total Profit: £56.57

I’ve been chatting with another user of this system, and also fellow reviewer on this site, Guy who suggested including a reduction factor filter on the Bet Engine so that it doesn’t bet if there are significant non-runners. This sounds like a sensible option but I will continue with the test as is so we get an accurate reflection of the results using the method ‘as described’.