We originally tested, and failed, this software two years ago because although it made a small profit, it wasn’t anywhere near enough to make it a viable system.

However, things have changed. They have altered the selection method slightly and introduced some odds rules for both the win and the place markets and the results have been extremely good since it’s relaunch.

The Laying Game is basically a bit of software that you simply click one button and it scans the racing markets in a matter of seconds and throws out the bets for the day. You then bet on these selections as either a straight lay bet in the win market, with an odds criteria of 2.0-10, or in the place market with odds of between 2.0 and 4.0. You can bet to Liability so it’s therefore possible to place all your bets in one go in the morning, stipulating the odds requirements, or if you prefer, like me, you can use a bot to place the bets for you. The software allows you to export all the selections to a csv file, and the only thing I need to do to make this compatible with The Bet Engine is to add an additional column for todays date, which only takes a minute to do, then I simply load up all the selections at the click of a mouse and set it running.

The published results since relaunch one month ago on 20th May show a profit of £287 to just £10 liability staking on the win bets, and an incredible £534 to £10 liability staking on the place bets. This is using just £500 bank too, so over 100% return in one month.

It’s really easy to set up and run, especially using a bot, so I’ll be testing both the win and the place markets at £10 liability staking for each.

You can try The Laying Game here: