Friday was one of our worst days, with three winners out of 12 selections resulting in a loss on the day of 12.95pts. However, Saturday came up trumps for us with a profit of 13.3 pts from 14 selections, all losers. The final day of the trial on Sunday gave us 4 selections only, one of which won, so a -2.85 pts result.  

Final total for March: -5.4 pts.  


The promo page for Laying Impact (LI) is the usual gung-ho promise of a brighter future, offered at quite a modest price, backed up with a couple of not very exciting bonuses and a guarantee.

On downloading the ebook, one finds it is just 18 pages, of which the usual padding about Betfair and the exchanges and the explanation of decimal odds takes up the first 10. It then explains the system rules at length before summarising them in just 4 lines on p.18.  

These rules are very simple and are quickly learned; however, the biggest problem with this system is that you have to be in front of the screen all the time because one of the rules is that any qualifiers have to be laid 5 minutes before the scheduled start. The system qualifiers only become apparent at this time so you have to monitor the race for several minutes before this in order to identify them. Since races never start on time, they can be as much as 5 minutes late, this 5 minute requirement is a bit arbitrary and it is hard to see why it is specified so exactly. There is no discussion of this point in the ebook.  

Sticking exactly to the rules, the system has not been a money-spinner but on the other hand, it has not incurred great losses. Laying systems often show good profits only to be brought down to earth by a couple of winners but this method does help to limit losses. During the trial, I was contacted by someone who said his results were better than those I had achieved operating the system exactly to the book. However, he went on to explain a very modified method of his own, only loosely based on LI, which had shown him some decent profits. This is in accord with my own opinion, the system as is doesnt really make many waves but the basic idea, with your own filters and modifications, could be profitable. The ebook claims that the system has been in use since March 2007 and has averaged 1.83 pts per day but without specifying the odds the calculations were performed on. This average has not been my experience in the last 30 days. At the end of this test, therefore, I am inclined to give the system a 50% rating, though really only on the basis that you could make something of it by your own ideas. The system, as it is presented, does not justify the amount of time you have to invest in it.  

I must acknowledge that I could not have done this month-long trial without the use of the purpose-written bot which was made available to me by Alistair Moffatt, who is an Excel expert. He wrote this bot, which works in conjunction with Betting Assistant, especially for this trial and I doubt that anyone could follow the system as it requires without such a helper. If you have any thoughts of automating any betting idea you have, Alistair is open to proposals and can be contacted via Graham.

You can get Laying Impact here: