As Ive mentioned, this system imposes a high workload, you are required to monitor every race before the start to see if it qualifies, then you are required to place your bet(s) at a precise point before the scheduled start. As we all know, races seldom, if ever, start at their stated time so this requirement is a bit imprecise. However, I’ll stick to the rules as stated.

  The week has been variable, not least for the difficulty of being there at the right moment but I am getting a bit more organised now. The early results have been typical of all laying systems in that you gradually haul in a bit of profit only to see it blown away by one or two disasters. However, although I was unable to follow it on all races on Friday, it did achieve a respectable 3.3 pts.

Being able to spend more time on Saturday, it managed another 5.3pts so a total of 9.8 pts for the week, not a bad result at all considering that I couldnt devote as much time as it requires. This is really a major problem with this system, there is no way anyone in a day job could operate it except on evening races. Still, a respectable start, if early days.