Hi, I’m Terry Shepherd and I’m reviewing the Laying Impact system. I will be testing it daily and will post the results every couple of days, as one may not get a race to bet on every day.

My method is to do a first check about 10.30am to see which races might be eligible then check them 5 minutes before the off, as the system requires. At this point one often finds that some of the ‘possibles’ have disappeared, they now don’t meet the criteria. For example, on Saturday, March 1st, I had 6 possibles but they had melted away to one by the 5 minute rule. Happily, this one race was a success. Sunday, I had 4 possibles earmarked, one dropped out and two were successful, one not, so our overall result so far is a positive of 0.7 pts.

The system requires one to make the selections 5 mins before the off; this is a bit of a fuzzy area because most races don’t start at the published times so one has to decide whether to strike at exactly the 5 minute mark and risk the possibility of non-runners altering the playing field and also the rapid rate at which the odds change, or waiting until closer to the published start time to see if all the requirements are still fulfilled. I am sticking rigidly to the system requirement of 5 minutes. So far, we’re ahead.

Sat     +1.9; Sun – 1.2; Total  +0.7 pts.